Thursday, November 17, 2011

Three-Dimensional Design at former Neena's

This installation features the work of Wellesley College students exploring sculpture and 3-D design with Visiting Assistant Professor, Andy Mowbray.

Altering the size and scale of an everyday object by making it larger or smaller changes how we perceive it, how it functions or doesn’t, and how we relate to it in the physical world. We can categorize objects into different groups of scale, such as small hand held objects, figurative or human sized objects, monumental objects and architectural sized objects. The way we relate to objects obviously changes depending on their scale and size. 

Elena Bowen '13
Emily Darling '12
Ashira Eve Gendelman '13
Nicholas Monje '13
Chiara  Montinola '13
Xinhong Qiu '14
Rebecca  Spilecki '14
Allison Stocks '13
Hannah  Van der Eb '14

This exhibit is made possible by Linear Retail

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