Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Exhibit from Tenacre Country Day School at former Rugged Bear

This resident artist volunteered to install the art at this location.
WCAP could not have done it without her!

Portraits – Painting 
Grade 6 students used a grid system to enlarge their 6”x 9” photos to an 18”x 24” format for their self-portrait paintings. Then they worked with a favorite color and white to create the tints you see in these monochromatic paintings.

What color would your self-portrait be?

Tenacre Country Day School is an independent, co-educational elementary school (PreK-6) on Benvenue Street in Wellesley. Children come to the art room for art classes two class periods a week in grades 1-6; Kindergarten has art once a week. In cooperation with retail property owner EDENS, we hope you enjoy looking at this exhibit of art by Tenacre 6th grade students.

Barbara Owen, Art Teacher, Grades 1-6
Cathy Gruetzke-Blais, Art Teacher, Kindergarten & Grade 1

Friday, January 20, 2012

New exhibit sponsored by Linear Retail inspires creative process and sustainable practices.

93 Central Street (Former Neena's)

“Closed for the Season” 

Wellesley’s Recycle and Disposal Facility’s “Reusables” Volunteer Staff and two enthusiastic
community members created these sculptures and assemblages (spontaneously on-site) with reclaimed objects and recycled paint. In addition to promoting the creative process, these works may inspire sustainable practices and influence our way of looking at the world.

When the Reusables Area is operational, every object has potential; nothing is worthless. As the cliché goes, “one person’s trash is another’s treasure”. But on closing day, everything that remains truly becomes waste, it’s disposed of and the area is closed for winter. Since waste is a byproduct of our culture and a reflection of who we are, it’s the perfect medium for creative upcycling, the transformation of ordinary objects and materials into art.

Perhaps an item that you left at the Reusables Area is incorporated in one of these works. Take a look and should you find something, please let us know at wellesleycap@gmail.com.


Sofia and Arianna Cozza, Scrabble Dabble 
Barbara Faubert, Move Over Picasso 
JoAnn Jones, Untitled 
Priscilla Messing, Untitled 
Marsha Rowlands, Memories

This exhibit is made possible with the support of Linear Retail.

Marsha Rowlands

Priscilla Messing

Sofia & Arianna Cozza

JoAnn Jones & Barbara Faubert

Move Over Picasso




Scrabble Dabble