Friday, November 11, 2011

Joyful Cow Installation at former Betsy's

On November 1, 2011 seven acrylic paintings were installed in the vacant windows at the former Betsy's (100 Central Street). The paintings were done by 9-12 year old students taking Painting & Drawing class at the Wellesley Recreation Department.

This collaboration was made possible with the cooperation of property owner Linear Retail, student artists, instructor D'Ann Hansen and community volunteers. Diana Podaski of Linear Retail was on-site for the installation.
The subject was inspired by the work of German artist, Franz Marc. His painting, Yellow Cow, done 100 years ago is his most joyous animal painting. Marc's work was characterized by the use of exuberant color and often depicted powerful emotional states.
Franz Marc, Yellow Cow, 1911
Students were asked to study Marc's work and do their own interpretation. 
Viewers are asked "Where would your joyful cow be?"

Emma Goldenthal
Age 12

Space Cow
Sarah Manse
Age 12

Candy Cow
Ryan Sciera
Age 10

Becca Manse
Age 12

Julia Clapham
Age 12

The Really Moist Hamburger
Charlotte Clapham
Age 12

Tess Goldenthal
Age 9
Instructor D'Ann Hansen (center) with volunteers Hera McManus (left) and Laura Fragasso (right)

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