Sunday, November 18, 2012

Drawing Collaboration in Wellesley Square

Drawing Collaboration

Through painting and installation, Advanced Drawing students from Wellesley College reacted to a vacant space on-site in Wellesley Square.

The event happened in the vacant space at 98 Central St. (between Mini Luxe & Boloco) on Monday, Nov 19, 2012. Students worked on-site for approximately three hours and the completed work is on exhibit in the space.

Through repetitive and rhythmic marks the artists created a new visualization and experience of the space.

As a starting point for this collaboration students reacted to short stories written by Argentinian writer Julio Cortazar. Through drawing and installation, the artists embodied the experiences and sensations produced by the text.

Daniela Rivera, Assistant Professor Art Department, Wellesley College

Made possible by Linear Retail in collaboration with Wellesley Community Art Project and Wellesley Theater Project.