Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Circus" in Wellesley Square

Tiger, Juggler & Fire breather

“Everybody has a secret world inside of them. All of the people of the world, I mean everybody.”
               - Neil Gaiman

8th grade “Sculpture and Ceramics” students at Wellesley Middle School created this work with Mrs. Sturman, Visual Arts Specialist, and student teacher Monique Schramme of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. 

The students were given the theme of “circus”, and as a class, imagined a cast of dark, fantastic characters specifically for this space. Each student chose one of these archetypical circus characters to create. The forms are paper maché, made using wire frames and recycled materials.

We thank retail property owner EDENS for the unique opportunity to create something specifically for this space.

Complete with cannon!



Trapeze artist

Ringmaster and clown

Lion cub with scales, horse and dancer

Don't miss the amazing dragon!

Stuart Badertscher:  Cannon
Mette Baungaard: Ballerina with pink skirt
Fiona Corkhill: Trapeze artist, (silver and blue skirt)
Jessica Dalrymple:  Background and assistant
Alexandra Farrohi: Lion cub with scales.
Sophia Fraga: Elephant
Allegra Hu: Hat and Skeletal Ringmaster
Caterina Januzzi: Clown
Mia Kosel: Horse
Allison Kumarasena: Juggler
Owen Meredith: Siamese Twins
Valeria Rodriguez: Fire breather (girl on one knee, purple dress)
Gloria Sanchez: pink trousers.
Valerie Shor: Dragon
Isabelle Siedman: Tiger Head
Matthew Tom: Hat and Skeletal Ringmaster
Sarah Williamson: Dancer, red and silver skirt