Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Watercolor exhibit at former Betsy's

There's an awesome new exhibit at 100 Central St. in cooperation with Linear Retail

The watercolors were created by artists in one of the many art classes offered by Wellesley’s Council on Aging. Classes are held at Wellesley’s Recreation Department with Art Instructor, Cecilia Sharma.

Sharma's watercolor workshops are designed to help student painters at all levels learn how to create meaningful art. The workshop includes painting demonstrations that teach how to create more excitement in finished works. Students enjoy individual hands-on instruction with an emphasis on developing wash, values and textures, variety of color, edges and shapes, as well as creating the illusion of light.

The works render a variety of outdoor scenes. What outdoor scenes inspire you the most?

Muriel Thorn
Dorothy Malloy

Robert Stueart
Harold Ottobrini
Iris Gleason
Joan Hale
Donna Buckley
Carole Wiley
Peggy O'Connor

Anna Sperrazza

Art Instructor, Cecilia Sharma

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